About EH

“Elämän Hippa” is a new, complete and fun educational program focused in children between 7-12 years old, but also valid and adaptable to anyone who wants to keep body and mind active, playful, and happy

This pedagogical program is developed by Sini Vanhatalo (Finland) and David Muñoz (Spain), who discovered that as parents of 3 and 2 children respectively, all the kids, not only in Finland but all around the world, love to play the game “Hippa”  (“catch” game in English). So, they decided to unify their experience as parents, with their skills in martial arts  (mainly Kali Majapahit -Southeast Asian Martial Art-) and movement in different forms, especially easy Parkour, to develop this unique, pedagogical and playful concept called “Elämän Hippa”.

Elämän Hippa is not only another educational program but also is a helping guideline for the participants in their own personal development process, improving quickly their focus, self-confidence, self-respect, and awareness among other benefits.