14.9.2021 MusaHIPPA: parkour, martial arts, movement and music for children


Last Tuesday 14.9.2021, Elämän HIPPA project had again a GREAT day with the second class of MusaHIPPA. This new and revolutionary project, in cooperation with Helmet libraries, mix all the fun and benefits from parkour, martial arts, movement and music, orientated to children from 7 to 12 years old. Classes are every Tuesday from 15.00 to 16.00 hours until 14.12.2021 (except 19.10.2021), at Jukeboksi sale in Entresse library (siltakatu 11 -02770 Espoo center).

During this second MusaHIPPA class, we all got so much fun doing first our trusting circle where everybody introduced itself, starting with the teachers team (the pedagogical musician for Helmet libraries, Lauri Iljin, and the founders of Elämän HIPPA project, Sini Vanhatalo and David Muñoz González), then the lovely participants. This time we had the honor of listening a small ukulele song by Lauri Iljin, with the wishes of all the participants for the class: jumping, running, laughing, drawing, playing instruments…Then the magical sounds of the Tibetan bowl caught the full attention of everyone in the sale.

The class continued with more movement and musical games like our classic and popular “ring of fire”, playing drums, painting linked with a song and martial arts movements with origins in South East Asia (Kali Majapahit), like tinikling dance with long sticks or cabcas with empty hands. All participants were so focused and happy with full attention in the practice, improving their musical ear, coordination, timing, patience, social, motor and drawing skills…that 1 hour just flew so fast!!!

This program is offered for free for the children thanks to Helmet Libraries, and it is not needed for previous registration.

Check HERE the rest of the MusaHIPPA calendar until 14.12.2021