Sini Vanhatalo

Sini is a very dynamic, positive, and passionate woman. Her life motto is “NEVER TOO LATE”. So, at the age of 40 years old, in 2018, Sini decided to start training boxing for ladies at AZA with the boxer Emma Seppänen. One year later, she decided to join also to Kali Majapahit, a Southeast Asian Martial Art, with Guro David Muñoz González. This was her first experience in the Martial Arts world although her eldest son was practicing this discipline for several years and she was always attending and watching during the training with one question in her mind…WHEN IS MY TURN !?

But the real example of NEVER TOO LATE came in 2021, when SINI, in the middle of the covid pandemic, decided to stop her previous job, where she was working for the last 17 years, and jump into the new adventure of being an entrepreneur with projects like this, Elämän HIPPA or NEVER TOO LATE Ladies -Aika Liikkua.

So, Sini Vanhatalo is an excellent example of NEVER TOO LATE, showing herself and others that if you want you can find and connect with your purpose following your intuition/passion/heart.

Life is today…time for action!